Who Is Julia Yan?

I am a 4th year co-op student studying Computer Science, specializing in Software Engineering. I have been coding since the tenth grade and hope to merge my love for art and computers through web development. I do both tradiational websites and animations. Some of my work can be found below in the resume section.

I have previously worked at TD Bank doing development work in Wealth. At this job I got to explore Computer Science from a financial view point, working on mostly web application projects. My second and third work terms were at Verto Inc, where I worked as a Full Stack Developer. Here I had the opportunity to develop healthcare software for many hospitals across Ontario.

I am proud to say I am a recipient of Apple's 2017 WWDC Scholarship, where I was 1 out of 350 people worldwide awarded a scholarship to attend Apple's annual developer's conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California. I have also attended Google's Summit for Women in Computing, where I got to network with women in STEM, gaining knowledge in job searching and the effect of being a woman in the technology field.

In my spare time, I can be found avidly reading one of my 500+ books or studying up about all the 65+ plants I own. I love to participate in art classes and enjoy finding unique ways to express my creativity. When I find time to spare, I try to help others in anyway possible, through mentorship or volunteer work. I am also a member of my university's table top club, where I like to participate in different boardgames and connect with new people.

If you would like to contact me any time, please refer to my details below. Feel free to ask me any questions or chat with me. I am always looking forward with connecting with new people!

The Formal Resume

What Do I Know?


Used a few times

Lots of practice


Ruby on Rails
ASP Classic
Shell Scripting

What Have I Done In My Life?


Peer Coach

University of Toronto

  • Mentor co-op students throughout their university career to aid them in securing placements
  • Critique resumes/cover letters and perform mock interviews with students to prepare for job placements

September 2018 - Present

Web Designer

The Soap Box

  • Designed custom website using HTML/CSS for company to communicate sales, submissions for chapbooks, and conference information for publishing authors
  • Maintain current company website using Squarespace

May 2018 - Present


  • Taught high school students’ math, chemistry, and physics from Gr. 9-11 with diagrams and in more laymen terms, to help students better understand material
  • Prepared examples for students to better understand math and physics concepts, depending on student needs

September 2016 - Present

Full Stack Developer

Verto Inc.

  • Created a custom search engine with Google Search API for patients using Ruby on Rails
  • Created a patient manager for MindMerge to allow hospital staff to properly manage cancer patients throughout their journey using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and MySQL
  • Created brand new Patient Portal to allow patients and their caregivers access information regarding their cancer journey using Ruby on Rails
  • Created websites for Verto and all of their applications in HTML/CSS and JavaScript/

May 2017 - April 2018
(two co-op work terms, performance rated Outstanding)

Mentor at Date Bites

University of Toronto Scarborough WiCSM

  • Networked with students to help them understand jobs beyond graduation by explaining my experience in both school and in the co-op program

March 6, 2018


Google Summit for Women in Computing

  • Networked with Google employees and students to gain knowledge in job searching, the effect of being a woman in technology, and general opportunities in STEM

September 23, 2017

Executive/Mentor/Web Designer

InLight Network

  • Mentored high school and university students interested in computer science and mathematics by helping them learn new skills and showing them different opportunities
  • Fully redesigned new InLight Network website using Wix to help portray the group’s mission and members
  • Helped InLight Executive team towards their goal by running team meetings to implement plans with sponsors, schools, and other mentors

May 2017 – August 2017

Recipient of Apple's 2017 WWDC Scholarship

1 out of 350 people worldwide awarded a scholarship to attend Apple's annual developer's conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California. It was required of all applicants to create a Swift Playground that was visually interactive. My Swift Playground can be found on my personal GitHub.

April 2017

Nominated for CAFCE Co-op Student of the Year

Nominated by University of Toronto for the Co-op Student of the Year 2016 award from Canadian Association for Co-operative Education for outstanding achievements during my work term at TD Bank.

January 2017

Nominated for EWO Co-op Student of the Year

Nominated by University of Toronto for the Co-op Student of the Year 2016 award from Education at Work Ontario for outstanding achievements during my work term at TD Bank.

January 2017

Co-op Associate

  • Converted an ASP page into HTML/CSS and JavaScript to allow the page to follow intranet regulations set by the bank, saving them $300,000
  • Created site pages for the department using Confluence and JIRA, allowing for employees to have easy access to information and documentation for applications
  • Presented site pages to an executive in a professional and concise manner, enabling the audience to absorb the needed information and give constructive feedback
  • Fixed a security vulnerability by reconnecting databases and editing ASP pages, which required having to learn about cookies, databases, and ASP
  • Executed a dormant deployment for an application, including writing a deployment plan to follow restrictions set by other applications

September 2016 - December 2016
(co-op work term, performance rated Outstanding)

Project: JShell

  • Used design concepts in programming and testing, created a mock unix terminal and shell in Java using a Scrum approch
  • Communicated progress throughout the project with other team members effectively through online discussion to prevent falling behind and overlap in work, allowing for a productive team

May 2016 - July 2016

Volunteer Note Taker

AccessAbility Services at the University of Toronto Scarborough

  • Effectively managed time to complete clean and detailed notes for students with disabilities within 24 hours of class, allowing for students to have appropriate time to study
  • Communicated course content to students effectively by condensing and simplifying concepts to allow for a better understanding of the material

January 2016 - August 2016

Started at the University of Toronto

Candidate for Hon. B.Sc
Computer Science Co-op
Specialist in Software Engineering

September 2015

Teaching Assistant


  • Working with students on how to effectively problem solve when working on math and reading sets, resulting in them fully understanding how to apply previously learned skills to new problems
  • Thoroughly helped organize student data by using physical student files, allowing for all data for each student to be properly tracked

July 2014 - November 2014

Project: Battleship

  • Created a game similar to Battleship using C#.
  • Combined physics concepts, graphics, and programming to create 3D graphics in a 2D environment, simulating bird's eye view projectiles.
  • Explored different AI strategies for one player games of different difficulties. Each strategy involved searching either by probability of a hit or were randomized.

May 2015 - June 2015

Programmed for the first time

Took Grade 10 Programming and fell in love. Learned the basics of programming through Turing. Projects included posters, an RPG, and Space Invaders (the game). Later learned basic topics in computer science and more advanced topics such as OOP, time complexity, searching, and sorting. Projects included an RPG, endless runner game, Boggle, Frogger, a Tower Defence game, and a data management system.

September 2012

Contact Me

julia [dot] yan [at] mail [dot] utoronto [dot] ca Personal GitHub LinkedIn